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ADHD at Work: asking for accommodations without disclosing your ADHD

ADHD at Work: How to ask for accommodations without disclosing you have ADHD. If you're comfortable (and want to) disclose you have ADHD, here is a post with tips on how to navigate talking to your boss about ADHD.

"I scheduled this meeting to talk about my work style and what environment I perform best in. I'm most productive when my environment meets these conditions:" [insert conditions]

  • I am MUCH more productive when I'm working in a quiet environment. If people are chatting around me, it's difficult to focus. Would it be alright for me to step away from my desk and go work in a quiet area when there are distractions?

  • I need large blocks of time to be productive. It's difficult for me to be productive if my day is broken up by meetings frequently. Would it be alright if I blocked off a few hours a day on my calendar to be my uninterrupted focus time?

  • As a remote team, we don't get as many opportunities to check in. It would be helpful for me if I could message you my priorities for the day every morning to check and make sure we're aligned.

  • It's hard for me to focus without background music. Would it be alright if I wear headphones?

  • I love problem solving, being challenged, and working on new things. I understand we can't always work on the things we want to, but if you're dividing up work and you know other people on the team don't like change, throw it my way!

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