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Supporting Your ADHD Partner: Buffer Time

Support your ADHD partner with buffer time! Many ADHDers struggle with time blindness and being on time to scheduled events. One way my neurotypical husband helps me with being on time is by giving me buffer time. Here's how it works:

  • If my husband wants to be somewhere by 2pm and wants to leave by 1:30pm, he will tell me I need to be ready by 1 or 1:15 to give me some buffer time.

  • If he doesn't give me buffer time, he can't be mad at me if I'm late.

  • Another Tip: Instead of telling ADHDers what time the event starts, just tell us when we need to leave by (including buffer time).

    • Being told what time we need to be somewhere is not helpful for many ADHDers because our brains register it as what time we need to be ready by and we forget about the travel time part.

  • IMPORTANT: Ask your partner first, don't do this without telling them!!! It may not work for them, they may not need it, everyone's different.

Even though I know there's buffer time, this has been SO helpful for me! And if I'm early, then we play a game or do a chore together until we actually have to leave.

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