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ADHD App for Video Calls: Optic

I CONSTANTLY embarrass myself on video calls because of my ADHD — rambling, interrupting others, spacing out and not knowing what's going on, talking too fast, etc.

So, I made an ADHD app called Optic to help with ALL these things and it's AMAZING!!! (Available for Mac, Windows, and as a web app.)

Image of Optic running on a video call. Optic is letting the user know they are talking at the perfect speed, but too much. Optic also displays the transcript of the call.

Optic's ADHD App Features

  • Transcript: Have you ever spaced out on a call and someone asked you a question? You can check the call's transcript in Optic and see what was just said/asked!!! No one will know you weren't paying attention!!!

  • Talk Percent: shows the percent of time you've been talking to help cut down on rambling/oversharing.

  • Talk Speed: lets you know if you're talking too fast for people to understand you (or too slow to hold attention)

  • Note Taking: Take time-stamped notes! You can view them throughout the transcript (to see the context of what was being said when you took the note) or on their own.

  • ChatGPT Integration: (Mac only, coming soon for other platforms) Ask ChatGPT questions right from the Optic app.

    • Is a client talking about industry-specific terminology you're not familiar with? Ask ChatGPT what it means with one click through Optic!

    • Did your boss catch you off guard in a meeting? Ask ChatGPT for help! (ex: What are 2 effective ways to grow brand presence?)

Image of Optic displaying the transcript of the call. The user was asked a question and Optic is giving the user a prompt letting them know what question they were asked.
  • ChatGPT + Transcript Awareness: Were you spacing out and someone asked a question? Ask ChatGPT to summarize what's being talked about from the Optic app! It will also give you prompts during meetings when it detects you've been asked a question and more!

Features Coming Soon:

  • AI Meeting Prep: Before a meeting, view AI-generated transcript summaries and notes from your most recent meetings with anyone on the upcoming call.

  • Sentiment Tracking: Optic will track sentiment throughout the call (optional, you can turn this on or off). During or after the call, you can see highlights and lowlights. Analyze what parts of the call resonated the most with your audience and which parts were confusing or didn't receive a positive response.

  • ChatGPT + Sentiment: In the Optic app, you can ask ChatGPT what people liked the most on the call. ChatGPT will respond with summarized bullets of what was said when people on the call has the most positive sentiment! End all of your calls on a positive note!

  • Interruption Tracking: Optic will track how frequently you interrupt others, and how frequently others interrupt you! It will notify you in a call when you just interrupted someone so you can gracefully recover! ("I'm so sorry, I interrupted you! Please, continue!")

Image of Optic running on a video call. Optic is letting the user know they just interrupted Alex. Optic also shows the user has interrupted others twice on the call so far.

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Apr 30

hi, as a previous commentor said, it seems great but the link doesn't work. Please fix it!


Stefanie Pech
Stefanie Pech
Apr 11

Hi, this looks amazing! I would love to use it but the link doesn’t work. Can you check it please?

Thanks for all the great content!

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