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ADHD at Work: how to ask someone to repeat themselves (when you spaced out)

ADHD at Work: How to ask someone to repeat themself without sounding like you weren't listening.

  • When you missed the last thing they said: Can we pause really quick? I want to make sure I'm understanding. You want x and y, but not z, correct? ... Oh, you do want z. Okay, great, thank you for the clarification.

  • When you spaced out in the middle: I want to make sure I captured everything you're saying. I got most of it but I think I might have missed something. I'm going to go through what I have and can you let me know if I did missed anything?

  • When you totally spaced out: Hold on, I need to understand the context before we jump into the details. You're talking about Project X? ... Oh, Project Y! That makes a lot more sense. Now that we're on the same page, what do you need?

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